Week Six: The Commons and Attention (Infotension)

A visual map of these week’s topics; ‘The Commons’ and Attention. 


My thoughts on how this effects publics and publishing?

The Commons directly effects our notion of publics and our experiences with publishing. When space is privatised it represses the freedom of publishing and the ideology behind a PUBLIC marketplace. I believe within publishing’s origins is the desire to inform the public, unprejudiced by privatisation boundaries. Thus the idea of The Commons should be embraced and heavily implicated in a free thinking and educated society. In regards to attention, the vehicle for information, our quick-fix society disables such intimacy and depth of knowledge. Alarms, widgets, tones and alerts all shock us into a fast paced world. I believe this notion is disappointing as we loose our engagement with each other as a society.


BLOG WORD: Infotension


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