Visualisation Project: Making Something Invisible Visible (20%)

A summary of my group Visualisation project, including visualised forms. 

Greater consumer awareness is brought about through publishing our visualisations. This awareness is enabled through the use of coins and Mars bars as image; inciting the differences in size and cost.

Our data for the extra money spent by consumers per bar was made visible in our first visualisation. The use of 5 cent coins alluded to a great disparity between the original cost and the new cost increase.

Screen shot 2013-05-11 at 11.25.57 AM 

Original Tumblr Site:

The data of the total profit made by Mars due to their increase in price and downsizing was very numerical and overwhelming. Therefore, our second interactive visualisation utilised the icon of the Mars bar as reflective of the profits made by Mars.

In which publics does such a visualisation intervene? All consumers. Even if people don’t eat Mars Bars, it is a consumer awareness issue, as downsizing without price reduction is happening more frequently, across a range of products, in numerous countries.


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